Hurry – Registration Open for EJWP3 until 1 May! Programme begins 14 June.


Make 2021 the start of a collaborative water future for you and your water organization! 

Are you a young professional in the European water sector with 2 – 8 years of experience? Or are you an employer aiming to bring out the best in your water-sector team?

If this is you, then now is the time to invest in career development with network contacts in the 3rd EJWP group starting on 14 June!  Our 2-year, part-time programme empowers junior water-sector professionals and their organizations, while they carry on in their current work positions.

Together in project co-creation, communication exercises, and personal development, we dive into the European water sector with an integrated outlook, supported by expertise of accomplished water professionals. We believe that our diverse participants are future sector leaders, so we develop leadership skills in a context of emerging water challenges. 

Join EJWP3 and let’s build the water future together! 

Martha GjermoEJWP1 participant shared the following on her EJWP1 experience: “Through EJWP we learn a lot from each other. The group of participants is diverse, both in terms of backgrounds and work positions as well as international representation and personalities. The personal trainings have given much more insight than I expected beforehand. Also the projects we have worked on have been very diverse. I am definitely accomplishing my goals of learning – not only what I thought I’d learn, but also about the complexity of water resources from different perspectives. The participation in EJWP has broadened my view on how water is distributed in the world. It has really changed my mindset, even though I considered myself relatively water-aware before I began the programme.” 

If you have any questions or you would like to book a one-on-one appointment with Naomi Timmerthe Director of EJWP, please send an email to:  info@juniorwaterprogramme.euAdditionally, we would like to invite you to attend EJWP monthly webinars: 1) Water organizations webinar in which Naomi Timmer highlights the benefits of EJWP to company performance and exposure 2) Young water professionals webinar for Naomi to explain how EJWP can boost their careers and develop their leadership skills.  

Sign up to meet us in the upcoming webinar for young water professionals:

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