EJWP Groups Use Adaptive Planning Games in SMARTEN Multiplier Event in Athens

The SMARTEN final multiplier (ME) event “Digital gamified workshops for water education” was held on 11 October during the EJWP Training Week in Athens. Participants tested their planning expertise in the “Adaptive Planning Game” by TU Delft. In this session, EJWP participants explored choices in long-term planning and decision-making under uncertain conditions, by developing a project for a small virtual coastal town. They built the discussion arena around perspectives and opportunities of adaptation pathways, and then evaluated their performances regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their pathways during implementation of the (serious) game.

“We wanted to introduce the value of such games to educate students, policy makers or industries. With a clear interface and instructions, it was easy to play also for people who may not be aware of complexity of water-problems,” said Agnieszka Cuprys, EJWP4 Participant &SMARTEN member with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

The SMARTEN Augmented Collaboration Toolkit was also presented during the week. EJWP participants were introduced to Cultural Mapping by Erin Meyer for practical solutions for daily challenges in the culturally-diverse business arena. This framework breaks down into an eight-scale tool, which supports a deeper understanding of intercultural communication: Communication; Evaluating; Persuading; Leading; Deciding; Trusting; Disagreeing; and Scheduling.

Visit the SMARTEN project website for more information.

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