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Everyone is following the news to find out what is happening in their country everywhere where the virus has reached. EJWP has its own local news correspondents. The participants themselvesJ With 8 countries participating, our bi-weekly digital-drinks are a social and informative moment. Not only do we keep in touch as a group, but we also receive insights from people experiencing the pandemic from a complete lockdown in Italy, to requiring a signed declaration to go out for shopping in Belgium and France, to the ‘intelligent lockdown’ of the Netherlands, the free-range mountain-assisted isolation of Norway and so on to Wales, Slovakia and Romania. Here are what our participants are saying about why they decide to participate in the social digi-drinks, even though the thought of another video call or just the mention of Zoom makes people nowadays cringe .


“In a time of insecurity, social distancing, home schooling and no activities to participate in, the EJWP digi-drinks are a well-deserved and needed break in my current daily life. Seeing familiar faces to chat with and discussing the impact of the measures on each other daily and professional lives helps me in putting things in prospective and makes us a closer group, especially now that our real life gatherings have been postponed. We can only hope to meet each other again soon but in the meantime we keep in touch and keep connected!” – Ingrid, Belgium

‘It is enjoyable for me to have digi- sessions with great people and with a glass of wine – the best way to avoid feeling the strain while staying at home. Relaxation with added value is guaranteed!” Hedviga, Slovakia.


“In this time of social distancing, it’s really nice to have these e-drinks, particularly with other young EU professionals to bring to life our EU citizenship.” Loic, France (living in Brussels)

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