Don’t miss the opportunity of joining EJWP3! The deadline is 14th May..

Do you want to boost your career? Seize your opportunity by registering in EJWP before 14th May.

Make 2021 the start of a new chapter of integrated thinking, leadership and new connections for you and your water organization!

Are you a young professional in the European water sector with 2 – 8 years of experience? Or are you an employer aiming to bring out the best in your water-sector team?

If this is you, then now is the time to invest in career development with network contacts in the 3rd EJWP group starting on 14 June! Our 2-year, part-time programme empowers junior water-sector professionals and their organizations, while they carry on in their current work positions.

Together in project co-creation, communication exercises, and personal development, we dive into the European water sector with an integrated outlook, supported by expertise of accomplished water professionals. We believe that our diverse participants are future sector leaders, so we develop leadership skills in a context of emerging water challenges.
Hedviga Horváthová from Slovakia participates in the European Junior Water Programma (EJWP1). She shared her EJWP experience during her interview with Water News Europe platform. She pointed out that EJWP further developed her leadership skills and her holistic understanding of the water sector. Also, EJWP evolved her idea about the next step in her career and how she can contribute in reducing water pollution.
Join Heviga and other water professionals in this journey by registering EJWP3, so we can build the water future together!

If you have any questions or you would like to book a one-on-one appointment with Naomi Timmer, the Director of EJWP, please send an email to:


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