Congratulations to EJWP1 on Graduation! Our Water Future Starts Here!


Here we are at the finish line for our first group of EJWP participants, but we see this as a very early stage of what they have to offer in the water sector! Since their programme kick off in June 2019, this group of early-career water professionals have set themselves apart in the sector through accomplishments in our programme. They collaborated on projects from their water organizations, made new network connections, exchanged ways of working, participated in masterclasses, and took steps in personal and professional development.

Much of their training and work has taken place during the Covid pandemic, so these EJWP1 participants have also adapted in methods of digital collaboration to achieve their goals. This is an accomplishment not only for these participants, but also for their organizations and the European water sector, because climate change and other challenges will continue to push us all in adaptation to manage our precious water resources.

EJWP Director, Naomi Timmer, shared her thoughts on reaching this important step for EJWP 1:

“I am extremely pleased with your completion of the European Junior Water Programme. You have created your own tools to stand out and make bigger impacts in your work and personal lives.

I hope you have experienced the EJWP journey as a win-win opportunity to invest in yourselves while opening possibilities for partnerships that can benefit other communities. I acknowledge that you were not able to travel fully and experience each other’s organizations across borders, due to the Covid pandemic. However, you still succeeded in the years of learning and making new connections. Because we work on a personal level with other talented young professionals like yourselves, you have served as an inspiration to many others.

We say that in EJWP that “Our Water Future Starts Here.” We trust that even upon your course completion that this still holds true – even more than ever!

As you were our very first EJWP Group, I would now like to invite you to join me in creating the EJWP Alumni Network. I believe it is in your hands as tomorrow’s water leaders to make impacts in a sustainable way, so take the next steps to keep making a positive difference in the water sector!

EJWP1, it has been my honour taking this journey with you!”

See highlights from our first group in the Journey Book for EJWP1

Media release: Our First European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) Group Completes 2-year Course

Have you met our EJWP1 Participants? See their reflections on EJWP, their work, and water-sector ambitions in our participant Profile series:

Martha Gjermo with AQUA alarm in Norway

Mathilde de Jongh with Delfland in the Netherlands

Rhys Hellin with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water in WalesEJWP1 Graduation Media Release 26 November.docx

Rosa Esposito with Isle Utilities in Italy

Hedviga Horváthová with the Technical University of Košice in Slovakia

Loïc Charpentier with Water Europe in Belgium

Ingrid Keupers with de Watergroep in Belgium

Ioana Dobrescu with Wetskills in the Netherlands, from Romania















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