Announcing our new partnership with Water News Europe

We are happy to announce a partnership with EJWP and Water News Europe. The voices of our EJWP participants will be featured online in the monthly Water News Europe newsletter describing their program experiences and ideas towards a European water-smart society. EJWP participant Martha Gjermo from Norway was in focus in March, and April’s newsletter will feature our EJWP participant Hedviga Horváthová from Slovakia.

Publisher and founder of Water News Europe, Esther Rasenberg said, ‘It’s important for people in the European water sector to learn from each other, especially young professionals, because they are the future. EJWP is a great initiative. If people know what is happening across borders, they can see how European guidelines are implemented differently, and learn from each other’.

Water News Europe now has about 6,000 online visitors per month, after beginning in 2014 with coverage of the complexities of water issues in the EU through a holistic approach to coverage of EU Member States. ‘It’s important to support our young people’, Esther continued, ‘During the pandemic, digital working has become more effective, but as we look towards a post-pandemic environment, real learning should continue across the member states itself. A great thing about EJWP is that people can go to the countries to experience water issues of their counterparts: to touch, smell and feel the technology and water there. Water connects people, and you need the right combination of technical and soft skills to solve water crises. I look forward to further cooperation opportunities with EJWP’!

Water News Europe is an independent online news source for the European water sector. Its freelance journalists report on water issues in different Member States, including European water legislation. The website features articles on technological innovations, business from around Europe, environmental and water projects, and insights from organizations including UN Water, OECD and WBSCD.

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