A New Wave in digital water education: SMARTEN

Digital readiness in all sectors is essential now more than ever with the challenging experiences of Covid-19. Are we really ready for this digital transition in the European water education sector? The answer may still be vague, but numerous efforts are taking place to work together to boost this transition and achieve inclusion for all during this process. To support this, we are happy to announce the official launch of a new Erasmus+, strategic partnership project – SMARTEN: Serious gaMes for digitAl Readiness of waTer EducatioN.

What is SMARTEN and why is it key in this current situation?

SMARTEN is an Erasmus+ Programme that targets higher education and trainings on water topics with the following partners: Norges Milio-og Biovitenskaplige Universitet, Univerzitet U Nisu, Panepistimio Thessalias, and H2O-People as a business partner.

This project proposes innovative practices based on serious games in education, while addressing the subject-specific of water in line with the European environmental and climate goals. The serious games concept has proved its efficiency in the educational sector mainly in the engineering domain.

SMARTEN supports the digital transition through promoting an educational digital environment of equity, diversity and inclusion. It also strengthens the strategic, structured and virtual cooperation between higher education institutions and business partners in the European water sector.

The project will run for two years with ambitious goals to contribute in the digital readiness and add value to this process. Multiplier activities are planned to deliver water education for higher education and life long learning programmes in a digital and innovative form. Their spectrum covers online, blended and distance teaching and learning.

Stay tuned to future activities in SMARTEN!

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