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    Diverse Teams Working Together on Real Issues: EJWP Projects Coming to Brussels

    Co-creation in water and environmental projects is near the heart of the EJWP mission. Our participants work together – often for the first time in multinational teams – on objectives…
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    Our Water-smart Community Coming Together in Brussels in June with Water Europe

    Our EJWP water-smart community vision is becoming more real than ever! June is the month we have been waiting for, with all of our EJWP groups converging on Brussels for…
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    Join the SMARTEN Event in June! New Toolkit on Augmented Collaboration Supports Water Approaches

    Serious games represent a fostering environment for the optimization of mindsets and stimulation to solve water challenges empirically. The proper learning path and experience can be created with professional facilitation,…
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    LAST CALL! Don’t Miss Joining Your European Colleagues in EJWP4 – Starting in June!

    Are you ready? Your European water sector colleagues are ready to work together on building Our Water Future! It starts here, and it’s too big to do alone.EJWP4 kicks off next month with…
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    Field Sensors and Personal Development: A First-hand Account from EJWP3 Training Week in Belgium

    By Mirela Sertić Perić  The last week of March 2022 was an exciting time for our EJWP3 group! We met in Mechelen, Belgium, at the headquarters of Training Week host…
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    Interviews, to aquatic pollutants, to wine: Our EJWP2 training week in Colmar, France

    By Merel Mostert  After weeks of hard work on our project for the University of Nis, it was time for the next stop: Colmar, France, for our Training Week!   Kicking…
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    SMARTEN Multiplier Event: Surfing the Water-Energy Nexus can be Fun!

    The second SMARTEN project multiplier event “Blended Workshop On SIM4NEXUS Serious Game” took place on 30 March in Brussels during Water Market Europe.  Attendees came from different parts of the…
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    The upcoming SMARTEN workshop “BLENDED WORKSHOP ON SIM4NEXUS SERIOUS GAME” will take place on 30 March from 16:00-18:00 CET in Brussels. This workshop is part of Water Market Europe 2022 activities. It is scheduled on the Agenda…
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    In Colmar Training Week, EJWP2 Presents Project Tool for Drainage in Urban Recreation Systems

    Sports and recreational facilities in urban areas hold significant potential for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and Eco-Oriented urban Approaches (EOA). Synergies of these approaches have multiple benefits both separately or…
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    SPIRE-SAIS Mid-Term Conference Looks into an Energy Efficient Future

    The SPIRE-SAIS midterm conference recently powered up on the theme: “A Cross-Sectoral Skills Strategy for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency – Empowering the European Industry to contribute to the green…
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