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    Graduating in October! EJWP1 Participants Reflect on Achievements

    As our first group of EJWP participants (EJWP1) near the finish of their 2-year journey in development, projects and networking, we would like to share some of their reflections on what they have experienced and built with their EJWP colleagues. This milestone means that our programme…
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    EJWP Project Public Presentation: New Narratives about the Value of Water

    The “New Narratives about the Value of Water” workshop took place on 28 June, during the Water Innovation Europe Week with next to all EJWP participants, three speakers: Oriana Romano from OECD, Gonzalo Delacámara from…
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    SMARTEN in Water Projects Europe

    The Water Projects Europe event took place online on 16 June in Water Innovation Europe 2021 with “Inclusive Governance for a Water-Smart society” as the key topic for this edition.…
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    Collaboration in Digital Space: A Human Capital Workshop

    As the Covid pandemic has upended our working routines, virtual environments have become the hottest new avenue for collaboration and human capital development. To help the path towards a water-smart…
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    EJWP Opens Registration for Fall 2021! Are You In?

    Our post-pandemic world is in uncharted territory. Here is why you and your organization should join our programme! ‘Changes are happening now with much more to come. How can young…
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    EJWP Training Week Masterclass Held on How to Restore an Overexploited Aquifer

    We had the pleasure of featuring Prof. Rudy Rossetto as a masterclass presenter during a recent EJWP training week. Prof. Rossetto is an assistant professor at Institute of Life Sciences,…
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    Collaboration in Digital Space: Human Capital in the Water Sector – an H20 People Workshop with Water Europe on 29 June

    Join us to learn and sample new tools for digital collaboration, while exploring the opportunities they offer for a sustainable human capital agenda for the European Water Sector. This online…
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    Join the new SMARTEN project on 16 June in Water Innovation Europe

    In the “Inclusive Governance for a Water-Smart Society” session of Water Projects Europe during the online Water Innovation Europe week of Water Europe (14-18 June), EJWP’s Naomi Timmer will share…
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    EJWP Participants Present Water Europe Innovation Awards

    EJWP participants are presenting the Water Europe Innovation Awards online this year, as Water Innovation Europe event gathers policy makers and all water ecosystems into one big event. Since the…
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    Stay tuned for ‘Making Waves – Young People’s Views on Water Pollution’ session at EU Green Week

    Europe is aiming for a ZERO POLLUTION system by 2050, which is vital to a healthy environment and livelihoods – as we live in a world of increasing chemicals, with…
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