Rasha Hassan

What do an artist-inventor, an outward-oriented programme manager, a certified trainer, a former journalist, and a PhD candidate in Natural Systems and Global Change have in common? We’re all part of the EJWP Team, of course!

This month, meet Rasha Hassan, one of our newest members. Originally from Syria and based in Spain she has a master’s in Water and Coastal Management and is our team member currently working on her PhD. Rasha shared her thoughts on being part of the EJWP team: ‘EJWP is a key experience to fuse and harness very diverse European backgrounds to benefit the European water sector. We are in an era that focuses on teamwork, but we forget that we need leaders who really understand people. EJWP builds leadership qualities like in interaction with other leaders including our EJWP Ambassadors. Our team also works well in helping participants build professional networks that can boost their careers and the reach of their organizations. I’ve experienced it first-hand in my own EJWP participation’!

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