Mathilde de Jongh

AuthoritiesWater Systems

I did a bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master in International Land and Water management. During my study I got fascinated by the value of wastewater. As a result, I’m currently working as a policy advisor wastewater at the regional water authority Delfland in the Netherlands. This job enables me to work with the complex (waste)water management issues in this urban region in the Netherlands. In addition, I am eager to further develop myself and really interested in intercultural communication. Besides, I would like to learn more about the political, environmental and social aspects of complex water management issues.

I started the European Junior Water Programme because it enables me to work across borders to learn more about solving water management issues in other parts of Europe.  It gives me the chance to collaborate with other young water professionals in water challenges and to exchange knowledge and experiences with them. Besides, I can work further on my personal development.  As participant in the European Junior Water Programme, I get the opportunity to improve my skills in working on a sustainable and safe water management system together.

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