Ioana Dobrescu

Tags: Water Governance

I have a background in Environmental Sciences with an MSc in Nature Conservation. I have done both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s theses on water ecology and ended up falling in love with the many aspects of water.

For the past seven years I have been working in the water sector supporting knowledge and technology exchange and bridging networks between Romania and the Netherlands. Recently I started working with the Water Footprint Implementation, a company that will change the way industries and nations manage water resources by offering a unique and precise view into their availability and use.

I have joined the European Junior Water programme because I am always striving to learn more about the water sector. What are the common struggles, similarities and differences, what are the available solutions and where are the most promising innovations? Participating in the EJWP will allow me to do that by training, networking and going on field visits in several countries in Europe in the course of the two years.

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