Hedviga Horvathova


I am a holder of a Ph.D. in Metallurgy of Metals, with 6+ years of experience in teaching at the university in the study branch Environmental Engineering. Since now, I have worked on different research projects, where I studied the possibilities of removal cations and anions from wastewater.  I have interest in various physical and chemical methods used for wastewater treatment e.g. sorption processes.  Currently, I work on national projects linked with an industry where I am responsible for solving problems with wastewater released during hydrometallurgical treating of industrial waste.

To pursue my passion for wastewater treatment and to build upon my existing knowledge and experience, I enrolled in The European Junior Water Programme. To join the programme, I would like to share my findings of the wastewater treatment processes with other participants and to extend my knowledge about water management and learn new things. I believe that the EWJP will help me creates relationships with other professionals which will lead to long-lasting collaboration.

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