A follow-up on the “Potable Reuse: The New Drinking Water Infrastructure” project

Client: De Watergroep, Belgium

EJWP2: June -September 2021

Participants: Merel Mostert, Andres Lucht, Borko Radivojevic, Manon Berge, Benjamin Hermans, Rasha Hassan

Project Description

The project is based on the situation that the water sector faces numerous challenges to drinking water quantity and quality, which impact the sustainable distribution of adequate drinking water service to households. Challenges examined in the project were interlinked with issues including climate change, topography and increasing populations.


An international survey on the acceptability of water REUSE was conducted to identify the different water sources that are currently used by households in Belgium, Germany and France. In addition, the level of acceptability and hurdles of implementing different water REUSE systems have been investigated and compared. An online questionnaire was released during the summer of 2021 in Belgium, Germany and France, collecting a total of 275 responses.


The results of the survey are shown in this document: Survey on the acceptability of water REUSE – Synthesis V2 EN – HK

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