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    The European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) is the flagship programme and official trade name of H20-people. Registred in 2015, H20-people became active in the public sphere with EJWP, which is its largest initiative in action to date. The H2O-people mission is to enable personal & professional growth through unique programmes aimed at connection of talent to realize potential through all career phases.

    We support the engagement of young professionals and employees to be fulfilled in their roles in creating a new water world together. To do this, we guide, train and challenge our clients with new ideas going out of comfort zones to work on new projects, and enlarge networks to learn how they can collaborate with new people and concepts. This positive emphasis can contribute to talent retention in organisations and within the water sector.

    H20-people is also a collaboration partner designing tailor-made strategies for participation and funding within EU and other collaboration projects. We focus on the human capital element in programs – thus empowering people to develop their potential for generating solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. H20 people is available to enter into small–medium project partnerships to facilitate larger trainings like summer school instruction on water-related topics. Our challenging programs support ambitions of managing a future of natural and technical transformations in the water sector.

    Contact us if your organisation will benefit from tools to create tangible results through training or project partnerships with our dynamic community of human-centric professionals.

    Our philosophy

    Empowering people not only for technical solutions, but also reinforcing human elements of partnerships for social innovation in the water and environmental sector.

    Our programme participants develop a broader scope of professional and personal opportunities, leading to positive impacts in their engagement with organisations that are committed to a better living environment. H20-People structures interaction with participants to create a space for further inspiring exchanges among trainers and the program designers. We apply personalised approaches and follow-up in a commitment to target results. An eye for synergies is developed through pairing the right people with the right expertise to broaden the scope of development.

    We believe in operational partnerships with our participants, and from this connectivity comes a more real potential for participants to contribute to their communities. Our expertise centers on programs that highlight links between the content of participants’ work within the physical environment, to identify optimum paths for projects and personal development.

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    Do you want to create a specific programme for your organisation, project or other collaboration? Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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      Client: Water Footprint Implementation EJWP1: September - December 2019…

      Client: Water Europe EJWP1: June – September 2019…

      PROBIG® is a global business based in Upper Austria. For decades, PROBIG® has been making treatment and scraping systems for rectangular tanks that comply with the highest environmental and quality standards. We bring together the most reliable and sustainable solutions that are both cost and energy efficient. If you’re looking for chain scrapers for the most diverse applications, API scrapers or DAF separators manufactured from high-tech non-metallic materials, PROBIG®’s application specialists develop complete tailor-made packages that are at the same time smart and sustainable in order to meet every customer’s requirements. Leading expertise for both new-builds an…

      Director, Quality of Life, DG Environment European Commission We all sense that we are managing an extremely unstable phase of mankind evolution, a phase with a lot of geopolitical challenges, which, if not properly managed, can turn into the worst. We all at times are scared by the huge size of the challenges ahead and wonder whether we will manage to help steer the deep and transformative changes needed for our societies, for our economies. But deep down, when I face these thoughts, I look at my daughter, I look at people like you and I think: yes, we will. (Mrs Manfredi in conversation with young water professionals) Veronica Manfredi …

      Mariëlle is part of the management team of water research institute KWR in the Netherlands and leads the Sustainability & Transitions group. With the research, communication, human resources and informatics experts in the group, she gives shape to KWR’s motto ‘bridging science to practice’, both nationally and internationally and ranging from short-term to medium and long-term perspectives on water sector and research challenges. This is done in applied research programmes, learning alliances and initiatives, such as the joint water research programme for Dutch and Flemish water utilities, the Dutch Water Sector Intelligence initiative and t…

      Working in the water sector shouldn’t be just a job, it should be a calling. Richard Elelman studied Politics in the UK before living in France, Spain, Portugal, Sudan, the Middle East and India. A former teacher, journalist, actor and director of theatre, he is currently Head of Politics at EURECAT, and is the founder and Director General of the Network for Water in European Regions and Cities, NETWERC H2O.  The former Deputy Mayor of Figueres, he is a political analyst who has, in recent years, specialised in Environmental and Scientific Policy and the links between Politics, the world of Research and Development and Citizen Engagement. He works in coll…
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